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David Salsbury is a Denver Colorado Lawyer practicing in the areas of Estate Planning, Taxation, Business Law, Real Estate Law and NonProfit Corporations.
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Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament Living Trust Living Will Probate Power of Attorney

Estate Planning requires a lawyer to have an expertise in drafting a Will, Trust, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney. It is also important to be proficient in the state Probate procedure, when a client dies.

Many people consider making a will without a lawyer. You may want to talk to a lawyer if:

You have questions about your will or other options for leaving your property.  
You expect to leave a very large amount of assets (say, over $1.5 million) and they may be subject to estate tax unless you engage in tax planning.
Rather than simply naming people to inherit your property, you want to make more complex plans -- for example, leaving your house in trust to your spouse until he or she dies and then having it pass to your children from a previous marriage.
You are a small business owner and have questions as to the rights of surviving owners or your ownership share.
You must make arrangements for long-term care of a beneficiary -- for example, setting up a trust for an incapacitated or disadvantaged child.
You fear someone will contest your will on grounds of fraud, or claim that you were unduly influenced or weren't of sound mind when you signed it.
You wish to disinherit, or substantially disinherit, your spouse. It's usually not possible to do this if your spouse objects, but a lawyer can explain your spouse's rights.
You simply feel more comfortable having a lawyer review your will

Your Living Will

You need to outline medical procedures that you want provided or withheld, in the vent that you cannot speak for yourself. Document whether or not you want your life prolonged through artificial means. Finally, appoint someone to make sure your wishes are carried out.

Your Living Trust

Whether you're married or single, you should have a basic trust. If you are married, you can spare your heirs from potentially heavy estate taxes. Create subtrusts for minor children and young adults. Name custodians for property left to children.

Your Financial Power of Attorney

Name someone to make your financial decisions, in case you are medically incapacitated -- and appoint an alternate in case that person cannot serve.


The importance of understanding how probate procedures work is essential to having a successful probate experience. Information explaining the probate process is available to every American citizen through their given state. However, that information is complex and uses a strictly formal language, which makes it very difficult to understand for many people.

Having an attorney on your side will help you make sure that the estate and assets of your loved one’s particular case are handled in a proper and legal fashion. Please telephone our Denver, Colorado offices at (720) 493-3911 or send us an e-mail message.

As your attorney, David Salsbury's job is to ask the right questions and then provide you with the legal information you need to decide how to structure your estate plan. Once the decisions are made, he will draft the documents for review. You make sure the Will or Trust represents your intention regarding the disposition of your estate at the death. A formal meeting is arranged to sign the documents.

In order to draft a Will or Trust, the proper questions need to be asked of the client.

        • Who will be the beneficiaries of your Estate?
        • Who should handle the administration of your Estate?
        • Are there beneficiaries who are minors?
        • Who should be the guardian of your children if you die?
        • What is the size of your Estate?
        • Will it be subject to federal Estate Taxes?
        • Should I put all my property in joint names with my spouse or children?

A common question is:

        • Whether to adopt a Revocable Living Trust?
        • What are the pros and cons of doing so?
        • What is the cost and practical problems I might encounter if I place my property in a Living Trust?

Finally, when there has been a death in my family:

        • How do I begin the Probate procedure under Colorado law?
        • Who must I notify?
        • When do I need court approval to pay a bill or transfer property from the estate to a beneficiary?
        • When can I close the estate and probate?

These are some of the numerous issues involved with Estate Planning. For more information visit my FAQ page. Failure to get the proper legal advice to draft the proper documents may lead to dire results. As an attorney, I have dealt with these issues for over 20 years.


As your attorney, David Salsbury can assist you in accomplishing your business and personal goals through expert, efficient, and timely advice. If you have any questions about the services provided or the fees and costs involved, please telephone our Denver, Colorado offices at (720) 493-3911 or send us an e-mail message.

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