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David Salsbury is a Denver Colorado Lawyer practicing in the areas of Estate Planning, Taxation, Business Law, Real Estate Law and NonProfit Corporations.
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Real Estate Law

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The sale and purchase of real estate, whether commercial or residential property, involves numerous issues.

        • There need to be disclosures, some of which are required by law to the buyer.
        • The buyer needs time to inspect the property for any obvious or latent problems.
        • Both parties need to be protected at the contract phase, inspection phase, and even after closing.
        • The contract must be negotiated with your Clientís needs and requirements in mind.
        • If there are risks associated with buying a certain property, these need to be explained by the attorney to the Client.
        • If the attorney represents the seller, the attorney will assist the seller is negotiating a fair price and terms that do not extend the sellerís liability after closing.

An attorney can be helpful as the facilitator between the parties that put the transaction together.


As your attorney, David Salsbury can assist you in accomplishing your business and personal goals through expert, efficient, and timely advice. If you have any questions about the services provided or the fees and costs involved, please telephone our Denver, Colorado offices at (720) 493-3911 or send us an e-mail message.

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