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David Salsbury is a Denver Colorado Lawyer practicing in the areas of Estate Planning, Taxation, Business Law, Real Estate Law and NonProfit Corporations.
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Business Law

Incorporation Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) Contract Law Business Sale / Purchase


There are numerous business forms that can be adopted in Colorado. To name a few, there are:

        • Corporations
        • Partnerships
        • Limited Liability Companies


The following are a few of the questions that need to be addressed and answered by the individuals forming a business.

        • Which entity is suitable for the business you are planning to form?
        • What are the tax consequences of forming a particular kind of entity?
        • How do you structure the ownership of the business?
        • What agreements between the owners should be in place at the time the business is formed?
        • Why is a Buy-Sell Agreement so important?
        • What are the potential liabilities the business may face and how do you minimize your risks?
        • How can you insure that those liabilities will not affect your personal assets?

As your lawyer, my function is to assist you in identifying the potential issues and arriving at some answers and strategies to deal with those issues.

Once the business is formed and as it proceeds, as your attorney I can be helpful in drafting and negotiating contracts, exploring ideas for expansion, sources of financing, and the every day events that require some legal review and advice.


As your attorney, David Salsbury can assist you in accomplishing your business and personal goals through expert, efficient, and timely advice. If you have any questions about the services provided or the fees and costs involved, please telephone our Denver offices at (720) 493-3911 or send us an e-mail message.

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